Geokolloquium: Montag 25.11.2019



The Paleogene at Stenkul Fiord (Ellesmere Island) in the Canadian Arctic: Multidisciplinary studies on sedimentation, volcanism, geochronology, deformation, and the climate history


 Vortragender: Dr. Lutz Reinhardt

Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (Hannover)


During the ongoing opening of the Arctic Ocean in Paleogene times, fluvial sediments with intercalated coal seams (Margaret Formation) were deposited at Stenkul Fiord and have been affected by syn-sedimentary tectonic deformation.

Recently, a detailed stratigraphy of the sediments and the ongoing tectonic movements was achieved by U-Pb zircon dating of volcanic ash layers and carbon isotope stratigraphy. The identification of the hyperthermal events PETM und ETM-2 places the outcrop at the base of the Eocene, thus it is one of the rare outcrops with such indications in terrestrial sediments of the high-latitudes during this time.

The cause for the hyperthermal events are massive perturbations of the global carbon cycle during the early Eocene, which resulted in subtropical conditions also in high latitudes sustaining a lush flora and fauna.