Online-Geokolloquium: Montag 08.11.2021

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Reconstruction of the history of fluid flow in fault zones and its relation with tectonics

  Vortragender: Dr. Elco Luijendijk

Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung (BGE)

Fluid flow, fluid pressure and water-rock interaction are important controls on fault activity. However, the relation between fluid flow and fault activity is often difficult to quantify because of a lack of data on the timing and duration of past flow events. In this presentation I will discuss a new approach to quantify the history of hydrothermal activity in fault zones that combines low-temperature thermochronology, borehole temperature data and inverse thermal modelling. I will present case studies from the Basin and Range Province, the Alps and the Roer Valley Graben that provide new insights on episodic fluid flow and its links with deformation and seismic activity. In addition, I will discuss recent efforts to compile data of active thermal springs in the Alps and several mountain belts in North America and will discuss what these data can teach us about the relation between hydrothermal activity and tectonics.