Dr. Kathrin Schneider

Dr. Kathrin SchneiderDr. Kathrin Schneider

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Lehrstuhl für Endogene Geodynamik
Ulrich-Schalk-Str. 3
91058 Erlangen


Tel: +49 (0)9131 85 69603




Research Interests

  • Geochemical evolution of the Earth´s mantle throughout Earth´s history
  •  Geochemical evolution of early Earth´s oceanic and continental crust
  • Interaction of mantle-derived magma and crustal melts
  • Intra-plate volcanism and volcanism associated with subduction zones



  • RFA: major elements
  • Thermo Finnigan Element XR ICP-MS and Thermo Scientific XSeries 2 quadrupole ICP-MS: trace elements
  • Thermo Scientific Neptune MC-ICP-MS: Hf, Nd, Sr, Pb isotopes
  • Thermo Fisher Triton MC-TIMS: Nd, Sr isotopes



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