Geosciences at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Our Bachelor Degree Program is held in German language. In our Master Program the specialisation Palaeobiology is held in English and international students can apply without german language skills.

Admission to Bachelor and Master Earth Sciences (Geowissenschaften):

Fascinated by volcanoes, amazed by dinosaurs, or concerned about the future of the Earth?
The Earth Sciences include all these topics and, in fact everything to do with the system Earth and about the history since the origin of the Earth.

We offer a degree program ‚Geowissenschaften‘ that includes a very broad program in all important areas of geology, mineralogy and palaeontology. Our program is very stimulating, up-to-the minute, and an optimised training for a wide array of jobs in industry, economics, education and research.

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Impressions from our Bachelor/Master degree

Field work is a very important part in most areas of Earth Sciences, from research to engineering companies. We offer an excellent and profound field work training in our bachelor and master degree. This also includes e.g. a cartographic compilation of various on-site findings. Destinations of field trips in the last years were e.g. Greek, Sweden, England, Scotland, India and many geological settings in Germany.

Analysis and lab work