Prof. Dr. Esther Schmädicke

Professur für Mineralogie (Petrologie)

Schlossgarten 5a
Tel.: (09131) 85 22608



  • Water in nominally anhydrous mantle minerals; distribution of water in the upper mantle; transport of water in subduction zones
  • Petrology of mantle rocks: stability of hydrous minerals in the upper mantle; petrology of alpine peridotites and mechanisms for crustal emplacement
  • Reconstruction of PT histories of metamorphic rocks; petrology of HP metamorphic rocks; timing of HP metamorphism and exhumation processes
  • Modeling of phase equilibria, including solid solutions as continuous exchange vectors; calculation of petrogenetic grids for mafic, ultramafic, and calcsilicate rocks
  • Field areas:
    Bohemian Massif (e.g., Erzgebirge, Odenwald, Granulitgebirge), Rehoboth Terrane (Namibia), Cyclades (Greece), Shackleton Range (Antarctica), Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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