Prof. Dr. Esther Schmädicke

Professur für Mineralogie (Petrologie)

Schlossgarten 5a
Tel.: (09131) 85 22608



  • Metamorphic petrology: reconstruction of pressure-temperature histories of metamorphic rocks; petrology/mineral chemistry of high pressure metamorphic rocks/minerals; timing of high pressure metamorphism and exhumation processes; geochemical signatures of metabasites and the relation to plate tectonic environments of melt generation
  • Theoretical petrology: modeling of phase equilibria in complex systems, including solid solutions as continuous exchange vectors; calculation of petrogenetic grids for mafic, ultramafic and calcsilicate rocks in various model systems
  • Petrology of the earth mantle: stability of hydrous phases in the upper mantle; petrology of alpine peridotites and the mechanisms of their emplacement in the crust
  • Microstructures in metamorphic minerals: exsolution/precipitation and ordering processes in pyroxenes and amphiboles
  • Field areas:
    Erzgebirge Crystalline Complex, Odenwald Crystalline Complex, Attic-Cycladic Crystalline/Greece Granulitgebirge, Münchberg gneiss complex, Tauern window

Veröffentlichungen Prof. Schmädicke

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Schmädicke, Esther ; Gose, Jürgen ; Will, T.:
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