Online-Geokolloquium: Montag 30.11.2020

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Titel: How can mineralogy improve life? – Characterization of biomaterials with mineralogical methods

 Vortragender: Dr. Katrin Hurle

GeoZentrum Nordbayern


Synthetic biomaterials like bone substitutes or dental materials are highly valuable in medicine, as they improve the quality of life for patients. Successful application of biomaterials requires multidisciplinary research, including medicine and materials science. Applied Mineralogy can also contribute in this field.

Exemplarily, the detailed analysis of a commercial lithium silicate glass ceramic for dental application will be demonstrated. This material is provided in the form of pre-crystallized blocks intended for CAD-CAM processing. Final crystallization firing with defined conditions (time, temperature…) is required before application. Quantitative X-ray diffraction, including an external standard method enabling the indirect quantification of amorphous content, was applied for the characterization of the material. A special model for the refinement of anisotropic crystallite sizes was further included.

By this means, the processes occurring during the final crystallization firing could be well understood and the effect of varying parameters like the sintering time or temperature could be evaluated. Combined with further methods like mechanical tests, these findings are the prerequisite for optimization of the crystallization process and bulk sample composition, with the aim of reducing the fracture risk during application.

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