• The lead isotope composition of the Earth’s mantle from double-spike analysis of abyssal peridotites
  • Geochemical structure and tectonic origin of supra-subduction zone ophiolites
  • Investigating the relationships between flood basalt volcanism, climate change and mass extinction events
  • The formation and evolution of oceanic hotspot volcanoes
  • Identifying time constraints and mechanisms of crust-mantle coupling in Central European continental lithosphere
  • Chemical and thermal evolution of the upper mantle; implications for Earth’s climate and biosphere and the nature of mantle convection
  • The generation of silicic magmas in the oceanic crust: assimilation-fractional crystallization processes versus re-melting of the crust
  • Oxygen isotope variations in oceanic magmatic rock suites: assimilation-fractional crystallization processes versus mantle source variations
  • Continental rifting and lithosphere evolution in Central Europe
  • The formation of submarine volcanogenic hydrothermal massive sulfide deposits and their relation to plate tectonic setting