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On October 21, 5pm, PD Dr. Kenneth de Baets (GZN) will give a talk "Gasping fish and panting belemnites: Warming, growth and migration of water-breathing animals " in Hörsaal Geologie, GeoZentrums Nordbayern, Schlossgarten 5.

The Pliensbachian-Toarcian transition has been considered a major bott...

Kategorie: Allgemein, GZN News, Pal, Pal News

On July 3, 5pm, Prof. Christopher Scotese gave a talk "Foundation of Earth System History: Plate tectonics, paleogeography & paleoclimate during the last 1.5 billion years" in Hörsaal Geologie. He is the inventor of the continental drift flipbooks. As a teaser: His latest product is here: