Tracer test with international Geo Master Course – A full success

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On the other end of the karst system, the salty water was detected by a conductivity gauge.

On May 3rd and 4th 2018 close to 20 students of the international course Palaeobiology and Palaeoenvironments, Earth Systems Research Lab and Applied Geology successfully completed a salt tracer experiment in the Town of Pegnitz near Bayreuth. The exercise consisted of characterising the water chemistry in two mixing rivers that enter a cave system. In a next step, salt was added as a tracer to the entry point of the cave and its breakthrough was determined some hours later at selected exit points of the karst system. Results look promising so far and will be evaluated this term. Many thanks to the participants and teachers of this course, who all made sure that this was a fun event with a good potential for understanding karst systems.