Pauline Guenser

Dr. Pauline Guenser

Chair of Palaeontology (Prof. Dr. Rachel Warnock)

Raum: Raum Room 1.105
Loewenichstraße 28
91054 Erlangen


  • Macroevolution and Phylogeny of Devonian and Triassic conodonts
  • Biogeography, macroecology, and biochronology of Early Triassic conodonts
  • Functional evolution of conodonts
  • Scientific career

  • 2021 CoPhyDis (Conodont Phylogeny and Disparity) project: postdoc position (FAU Visiting Scholarship)
  • Guest researcher in Early Triassic conodont biostratigraphy (University of Burgundy, France)
  • 2020 PhD in Palaeongology: Macroevolution, Macroecology and Biogeography of Late Permian and Triassic conodonts
  • 2017 MSc in Earth Sciences, major in Palaeontology, Sedimentology, Paleonenvironment (Lyon 1 University and Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon)
  • 2015 BSc in Earth Sciences (Lorraine University, France)
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  • Publications

  • Guenser P., Warnock R., Donoghue P.C.J., & Jarochowska E. (2021). Does time matter in phylogeny? A perspective from the fossil record. bioRxiv 2021.06.11.445746. doi:
  • Kelz V., Guenser P., Mazza M., Rigo M., & Jarochowska E. (2021). Growth allometry and dental topography in Upper Triassic conodonts supports trophic differentiation and molar-like element function. bioRxiv 2021.06.10.447946. doi:
  • Duhamel A., Hume J.P., Guenser P., Salaviale C., & Louchart A. (2020). Cranial evolution in the extinct Rodrigues Island owl Otus murivorus (Strigidae), associated with unexpected ecological adaptations. Scientific Reports, 10, 14019. doi:
  • Guenser P., Souquet L., Dolédec S., Mazza M., Rigo M., & Goudemand N. (2019). Deciphering the roles of environment and development in the evolution of a Late Triassic assemblage of conodont elements. Paleobiology, 45(3), 440-457. doi: