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Epithermal mineralizations and related hydrothermal and magmatic processes in the Aegean arc setting, Greece


The Aegean Sea is a region with numerous hydrothermal metal deposits of Cenozoic age. Collision of the African and the Eurasian plate, followed by subduction and slab roll-back led to southward migration of magmatic activity from N Greece to the South Aegean Volcanic Arc. Magma evolution is accompanied by the release of hydrothermal fluids, which cause hydrothermal alteration and the formation of porphyry copper and epithermal Au deposits. The relation of magmatic and hydrothermal processes during fluid-rock-interaction and metal enrichment is only little understood.

We will sample different epithermal deposits in N Greece and on Milos Island as well as associated volcanic rocks. Major and trace element compositions of volcanic rocks and sulfides will be determined by electron microprobe analysis and laser ablation ICP-MS. Ore petrography and isotope studies complement the geochemical dataset. We hope to receive a better model for magma and fluid evolution in the Aegean arc setting.